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Customer Testimonials

Dr. Manion,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for all of the excellent care that you have given me throughout the past 10 years. You have always been kind and helpful with every possible ache and pain that I have encountered! I appreciate your friendly smile and your short n sweet explanations on why adjustments can help one be pain free! I truly learn something new from you every time I come in for my visit!

I have experienced less headaches and body aches, my blood pressure has lowered tremendously (January, 140/90 down to 106/70 in July) from my consistency in keeping my appointments with you. I even learned how adjustments can even help the digestive tract!


With Much Gratitude,

Melissa M.

No more need for pain medication!

I started my treatment in April 2005 due to headaches and numbness in my whole left side of my body. Sometimes I would lose all strength to my left leg that I would fall. A few times I eve ell when I was carrying one of my children up or down the stairs. And at night I has constant pain and cramping on my legs. Most of my doctors would say it was common with my health problems to have these symptoms. It really did not make any sense to me. They put me through treatments, MRIs, scans and things that were so intolerable. Their final diagnosis was either MS or some neurological problem. To me it just did not sound right. I then came in and explained my situation to Dr. Manion and he asked me to trust him and give him a chance to help me. He said that all the medication I was on would help somewhat but would destroy another part of my body as a side effect. Instead, his only healing tools were his hands and his faith in God to relieve pain, numbness, or any kind of discomfort. Thanks so much for all the help you have offered me. And as long as I have health, I will always believe in the power of chiropractic care and make sure all those around me know this as well. Natural medicine is the best! It’s how it should have been from the start.

Thank you! God Bless,

Sarai F.


I have been a chronic headache and migraine sufferer for over 30 years and had found very few things that would relieve them, that is until recently when I met Dr. Manion of Manion Chiropractic Care at the Allentown Fair where he was telling people about chiropractic care and what it can do for you. I had been to a few other chiropractors who I won’t name but had never been to a chiropractor like Dr. Manion who is very complete in his exams. He cares about the patient as a whole, not just about the parts he treats. Since becoming a patient of his about a month ago I have already noticed a very big difference in the types and amount of headaches I get. I mean I have a headache every day but the pain is drastically less that it has ever been. I haven’t has a migraine since I started coming to see Dr. Manion and to me that is a great relief since I have two small children that I have to take care of everyday. There were times when I had such bad headaches that I would be physically sick and to take care of my kids was a living hell with a migraine that hurt so much I felt like my head was going to explode by just picking up my head off the pillows and getting out of bead. But I had to so that I could take care of my kids and I felt so bad for my kids because mommy couldn’t do the things she normally did when she didn’t have a migraine. And also since coming to Dr. Manion I have been sleeping better and more restful. I now feel rested and more relaxed when I wake up in the mornings and that is a much needed feeling to me.

I would recommend seeing Dr. Manion to anyone who asks me if I know a good chiropractor. This is how much I trust Dr. Manion, I let him treat my 31 month old son who’s head has been leanding to the right side since the day he was born. But every doctor I took him to said that there was nothing wrong with but shortly after him seeing Dr. Manion we have already noticed a great improvement to the way he carries his head and the way he walks and runs around.

My sincerest appreciation for the care you gave me and my family. Sincerely yours,

Doris B.

P.S. You’re one of a kind doctor and there are very few of them like you so thanks for being the kind of doctor that cares for the whole patient not just the problem.